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Pipeline Worldwide is the conduit for facilitating connections between donors and vulnerable communities in East Africa, based on the needs voiced by local leaders. We act as impact catalysts by providing funding, time and resources for projects that will deliver access to clean water, sanitation, education and healthcare in the most impoverished regions


Providing Positive Impact to East Africa

Sustainable change starts with water. Water is the lifeblood of humanity, from sanitation to potability -- nothing can thrive without water. We are committed to making grassroots-level progress, but issues surrounding access to clean water impede that progress.

Once access to clean water is established, our partnerships create support channels for educational programs and facilities, healthcare equipment and supplies, and tackle poverty by addressing food security and shelter in our communities.

SPORTS AND PEACE BUILDING 2019 PROJECT OPPORTUNITY – Sport Court at Ocer Campion in Gulu, Uganda - $50,000 Fundraising Goal

Our efforts encompass three main areas:

  • Funding - Fund each selected project within our partner communities in East Africa.
  • Time - Connect those who donate to and those who benefit from the partnerships in East Africa through hands-on organized trips and interactive events.
  • Resources - Efficiently utilize resources and follow sustainable practices to ensure lasting impact to our partnered communities.

About Gulu, Uganda - For twenty years Northern Uganda has been plagued by violence at the hands of a rebel group, the L.R.A.(Lord’s Resistance Army), led by Joseph Kony. The L.R.A. committed unimaginable atrocities against the most vulnerable members of the Acholi Tribe. Children as young as eight years old were captured, and forced to serve as soldiers, torture and kill even their own family members.

The Ugandan Government, in an effort to protect the people of Northern Uganda, set up I.D.P.(internally displaced persons) camps. Hundreds of small huts were built to house thousands of people in a very small area. Widespread disease, malnutrition, depression, and alcoholism are among the devastating effects of the overcrowded, unsanitary conditions in the camps.

Since 2007, violence in the region has ceased and many Acholi people have begun to move from the camps back to their land. this transition is difficult and filled with challenges. An entire generation of people has never learned to “dig” – to prepare soil for planting. For many years, health workers worked with people within the confines of IDP camps where people were easily accessible for services but where overcrowded conditions brought about serious health problems. While sanitary conditions are better and life is more productive, adjustments have to be made with regards to reaching people to provide health services and education.

About Ocer Campion

Ocer Campion Jesuit College (OCJC) is located in Northern Uganda, in Awich village, eight kilometers out of Gulu town. The school project was championed by the Jesuit Province of Eastern Africa in 2006 as a post –civil war recovery initiative for Northern Uganda. For over two decades, Northern Uganda was engulfed in the infamous Lord’s Resistance insurgency which left many families and the entire region in shambles. The school is one of the many recovery and rehabilitation projects that were established to help rebuild, resettle, give hope and restore human dignity to the many children and families who had been affected by the war.

In 2010, the school opened its doors to the first 35 students who joined a preparatory primary seven class. In addition to the primary seven class, the school now runs a lower level Secondary level section with a population of 617 students.

OCJC is a private boarding catholic Jesuit founded school and is run by the Eastern Africa Province of the Society of Jesus. Ocer Campion is a mixed school offering quality education to both boys and girls from different religious affiliations.

Fr. Tony Wach

Fr. Tony Wach, SJ, serves as the founder and project director of OCER Campion Jesuit College in Gulu, Uganda. He is a Jesuit originally from the Wisconsin Province but has lived in Uganda since 1991. Fr. Wach served as the Jesuit Community Superior in Kampala from 1996 to 2002 and again in 2006-2010. His other work in Uganda has included spiritual direction, retreat work, the formation of local clergy, and promoting vocation; Wach helped found the John Paul II Justice and Peace Center. He has been involved with OCER since its inception in 2005; he was a teacher and administrator at Creighton Preparatory School in Nebraska from 1972 to 1991.